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All event-exclusive research quests, Pokémon Go Spring Surprise Limited Research Day rewards

All event-exclusive research quests, Pokémon Go Spring Surprise Limited Research Day rewards

As part of the Spring to Spring event, Niantic is also hosting the 8th event pokemon go Limited research day, with a special focus on Exeggcute.

These limited quest days only last for one day and give players an extra bonus for double-catch, along with some specific Pokemon that will appear more often in the wild.

Because the Spring Surprise event, which mentions eggs, takes place during the Alola season, the Exeggcute was selected because it can develop into an Alolan Exeggutor under the right conditions. Thus, players who develop Exeggcute on April 16th will receive an Alolan Exeggutor who knows the special move Drago Meteor. This can only be done during the event.

Unlike previous limited search days, Spring Surprise that cites eggs will run your search as single search missions. This is likely because the Spring to Spring special quest is already available while the main event is in progress.

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Upon completion, each easy-to-complete mission will reward players with an Exeggcute encounter. So if you want to have your own Alolan Exeggutor, here are all the tasks you need to complete.

Limited spring surprise survey cites eggs

  • Battle in the gym
  • Battle in one attack
  • Catch five Pokemon with Weather Boost
  • Catch three grass-type Pokemon
  • Catch three Pokemon with Weather Boost
  • Evolution of two grass-type pokemon
  • Make five curve throws
  • Create five great shots
  • Make three big shots
  • Make three beautiful shots in a row
  • Launch two big operations in a row
  • Send 2 gifts and add a sticker to each one
  • Spin two PokéStops
  • Take a picture of a wild grass type Pokemon
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