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“All in the sauce and faith in God”

Sunday’s “Somos Portugal” returned to the streets of Portugal and Cristina Ferreira left a message minutes before the broadcast began.

Cristina Ferreira, TVI’s Director of Entertainment and Fantasy, noted the return of ‘Somos Portugal’ to the streets with a photo of the show’s new team, which is no longer present. Produced by Coral Europe after 10 years.

The program is now part of the station’s internal production and in the photo shared by the presenter, it is possible to see more than 50 people together, at a time when several municipalities in the country have fallen behind due to their mistrust.

“Somos Portugal is made by and for people. Today is a very special day for the team. We are back on the streets, the country is back on TV. Congratulations to all of you. TV is love.”, Wrote Christina Ferrera.

However, within a few minutes, the TVI star’s post was filled with criticism. “They still say this is bad “shame of the council is regressing and the parties are going on…” and “It’s all down to the sauce and faith in God that’s how our country runs…”, are some examples.

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