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All news from Apple – Marketeer

All news from Apple – Marketeer

Apple on Monday announced a host of new features that have been long-awaited by users of the brand at WWDC – the Worldwide Developers Conference. Artificial intelligence is the main protagonist of new bets.

Apple Intelligence is the name given to the artificial intelligence system created for Apple devices, which puts “powerful generative models” at the processing center of iPhone, iPad, and Mac devices. According to The Verge, it enables endless possibilities, including the devices creating images and synthesizing… Texts.

Siri is also included in the AI ​​plans, as the new version of the virtual assistant will be further integrated into the iPhone, appearing with a pulsating light. It will give the user more control over apps, allowing Siri to find, for example, specific information in an email. Furthermore, ChatGPT is powered, with Siri integration – which will decide whether a user's request is more relevant to them or to ChatGPT.

By integrating artificial intelligence into the operating system, it will be possible to automatically generate responses, create emojis using the Genmoji tool, and edit photos.

Another new feature is the Password app, which allows you to keep track of all your logins on different devices. With the application, you can create and save passwords. The platform can be used on iOS, iPadOS, macOS, visionOS, and Windows.

Apple TV+ is included in the suite of updates, now showing viewers the names of the actors on stage, while the iPad is receiving a calculator app called Math Notes for the first time.

As for the future, AirPods Pro are on the horizon, which will allow users to answer Siri with just a head nod.

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