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– All the crew members cried

– All the crew members cried

It’s been a dull start to a southern vacation for travelers to Lanzarote in Spain’s Canary Islands. On the way to the holiday island, the plane was suddenly diverted to the island of Tenerife, which was the beginning of a long journey for tourists.

Opposite the British newspaper Manchester Evening News One passenger, who preferred to remain anonymous, says he boarded the plane with his wife and two children in Manchester on October 21. On the way to Lanzarote, passengers are suddenly informed that the flight has been diverted to Tenerife.

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– The captain was angry

When they arrive in Tenerife, the following depressing message arrives: they must be flown to Alicante, a three-hour flight, where they will spend the night.

According to the father of the family, they were not allowed to leave the plane in Tenerife, and he told the newspaper that he felt like a prisoner.

– All the crew members cried. They were powerless and had to clean up the mess. The crew told me the captain was “screaming and angry,” he says.

The trip to Lanzarote was not quite as expected. Photo: Screenshot/FlightRadar
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The plane does not arrive in Alicante until the night of Sunday, October 22, when the passengers are scheduled to head to Benidorm and the temporary hotel, but the experience at the airport angers the father of the family.

“We waited 40 minutes to collect our luggage, 30 minutes to get on the bus, and when we finally arrived in Benidorm at 5.15 in the morning, we had to stand outside in a cold queue,” he told the Manchester Evening News. .

You can steal this

You can steal this

It also interacts with the hotel they are placed in:

– The hotel is located in Benidorm, full of drunks on a Saturday night, while the plane was full of children!

They were not in the hotel room until 07.30. At 4pm the same day, they left for the hotel before catching flight 19-30 which took them to Lanzarote, which was the original destination.

Sorry for this incident

A Jet2 spokesperson told the Manchester Evening News the reason the flight from Manchester to Lanzarote was diverted to Alicante was weather.

– We would like to apologize to all our customers who were affected by the unexpected delay, which was beyond our control, a Jet2 spokesperson tells the newspaper.

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