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All the secrets about the “marriage” of María Cerqueira Gomez – Nacional

All the secrets about the “marriage” of María Cerqueira Gomez – Nacional

It is already this Saturday, the third, this Maria Cerqueira Gomez, 40, kicks off TVI’s new ‘Social Experiment’ format, Who intends to marry the candidates. “scheduled marriage” is an original Finnish idea, where single men have to organize the wedding before finding their partner. “We’ll have weddings scheduled first“, the presenter explained recently, slightly lifting the veil on the reality show. Let us then turn to the mechanics of” Casamento Marcado “: after the date of the ceremony was decided, with the endorsement of Maria Cerqueira Gomes, each of the candidates had access to a group of suitors – male and female – Then the race against time begins. It’s just that in addition to organizing the wedding, bachelors also have to find the perfect partner, to say “I do”. For this, they will hold some meetings along the way, which will allow them to get to know the suitors better. The groomsmen candidates will have to decide on every detail of the ceremony: the location, the flowers, the music, the menu, the guests, and the bridesmaids. For this, they can enlist the help of friends, family, or even ex-boyfriends or girlfriends. “The main characters – that is, who will schedule the wedding and who will organize it – will stay at home. This also gives people the right to follow all these adventuresMaria Cerqueira Gómez advances. The competitors will be five at a time.When one marries another enters– says the presenter.Before the wedding, they always have dinner with the guests, so that the family and friends of the person who organizes the wedding and the guests of the person who is going to end up being chosen as the groom. And I will be there too”, describes Maria Cerqueira Gomes. However, the Queluz de Baixo station provided some information about the candidates. The first “is 21 years old and comes from the Porto region and works in the distribution area and is a wedding photographer“.”Romantic to meet anyone who wants to be a companion for life. From a height of 1.83 meters, he likes “short” women. Do we have suitors there?reads the posted profile, but without a name or photo. Another profile reads, “Sweet Alentejana, 32 years old“Who lives in the Algarve and looks for”A sincere man who values ​​a big smile!“There is also a 67-year-old candidate from the ‘north of the country’ who is”I would like to meet men in their 60s who are smart, fun-loving and personable! Remember, TV Guia has already presented – a week ago – Marcia Silva, who will be part of the coordination in the role of the bride.

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The program is expected to be on the air for two months and recordings will continue until mid-June.. It airs Monday through Friday afternoons, with a party on Saturday nights… starting today.