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Allegations of internal discontent:-

Allegations of internal discontent:-

Since the start of the war, rumors have been circulating about Russian President Vladimir Putin.

has become He speculated wildly about his health. British and American intelligence reported on The internal struggle in the Russian ruling elite, which Putin should have felt through the light of his inner circlewho out of fear mocked him about what is really happening in Ukraine.

Ukrainian intelligence, for its part, has repeatedly claimed this The ruling elite around Putin is plotting a coupAnd that the head of intelligence, Alexander Bortnikov, who has been close to Putin for several years, is a possible alternative.

IN RUINS: The village of Novotoshkivsky in eastern Ukraine has been in ruins as a result of the country’s war. Video: Lugansk People’s Republic.
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Influential group

A new dissatisfaction is now being reported. This time from Russian investigative journalists Andrei Soldatov and Irina Borogan, who are experts in the Russian security services.

The duo wrote one Job at the European Policy Center.

There, they describe the “siloviks”, a group of people with a background in the Russian security service and army who hold high positions in the state leadership, now dissatisfied with the president.

– Does it matter? Yes, this is very important. This is the first time that the Siloviks have distanced themselves from the President. This means that all possibilities are open, they write as a conclusion in the text they published.

According to experts, the power group is not satisfied with the FSB intelligence service, which they believe has wronged Putin, but also the president himself for choosing a bad military strategy in Ukraine.

Nuclear Threat: In one article, on Sunday May 1, Russian state television showed how Russian nuclear weapons could destroy Britain. An intelligence expert believes it is all about deterrence on the Russian side.
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– Something completely different

They claim that Putin received broad support for the 2014 annexation of Crimea, and its implementation.

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Soldatov and Borogan write something completely different from what is happening now in 2022.

They further claim that there is significant resentment in the Russian military at Putin’s choice to change objectives from capturing the capital, Kyiv, to shifting focus instead to the Donbass region in the east.

It is known that Alexander Bortnikov and other influential members of the Russian elite are considering the possibility of removing Putin from power. Ukrainian intelligence recently reported that poisoning, sudden illness and other sudden accidents are not excluded Sky News in April.


On the other hand, senior researcher Jacob M. Godzimirsky at NUPI that we are unlikely to see a revolution in Russia.

First, we can rule out a scenario in which Putin suffers a political defeat and his removal from power. There is little indication that this will happen. Godzimirski told Dagbladet recently that the system he built around him will protect him for a long time to come.

He also noted that one should take the allegations from both Russia and Ukraine with a pinch of salt, as there is also a media war between the two countries.