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Alleged iPhone 16 camera design leaked and will be identical to iPhone

Alleged iPhone 16 camera design leaked and will be identical to iPhone

In a completely unexpected turn of events, the futuristic design has just been leaked iPhone 16, It is scheduled to be launched this year 2024, however, it has a rear camera module similar to the one found in the phone iPhone.

In recent weeks, there has been a strong rumor that Apple is preparing for a serious blow with the huge decline in sales of the iPhone it launches this year.

The reason for this may be the current state of the market, which has been declining for years, the intense competition from Android manufacturers, the cost of the iPhone year after year, and the launch of the Apple Vision Pro itself.

But even as these fateful reports begin to spread, they all speak of determination iPhone 16 Is that its design will be very reminiscent of the design of the previous generation. At least when it comes to her photography unit.

For many years, Apple adopted a square module with non-square distributed lenses, with some occasional changes depending on the phone line.

But now, with the latest liquidation, it seems that the guys from Cupertino have decided to completely go back to the past with a design that dates back seven years ago.

iPhone 16 will be iPhone X!

Last filter, shared by a source on Social network for The X, formerly known as Twitter, suggests a change to the camera notch that's very reminiscent of the iPhone

The new design features a pill-shaped unit that is thinner than the iPhone 15, with the cameras and flash arranged vertically. This arrangement, similar to the iPhone

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Why would Apple bother changing the design of its camera so much to go back nearly a decade in appearance? It's simple, the Apple Vision Pro needs spatial video to enhance your viewing experience, and the company seems to want the iPhone 16 to be an integral part of it.

In addition to changing the camera, the filter also marks a return to the mechanical action button, abandoning the idea of ​​a capacitive button.

This change may be related to technical issues that Apple has not yet resolved with models that included the change that was not fully accepted by users.

Although the changes are small, it is worth noting that Apple is continuing to work on the aesthetic details at this stage of the iPhone 16 development cycle. It is possible that the information is just rumors about old prototypes or is inaccurate.

It is important to keep in mind that this X source, formerly Twitter, has shared accurate information in the past.