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Allergies: – Death after one teaspoon is wrong

On December 27, Craig McKinnon (24) proposed to his girlfriend Jess Prinsloo (24) during a vacation in South Africa.

Four days later, Prinsloo died Manchester Evening News.

The reason was that The 24-year-old had used the wrong teaspoon in his teacup.

Last week, Craig McKinnon had to fly back alone from South Africa to Salisbury in the UK.

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– the voice broke

In an interview with a British tabloid woman McKinnon says he proposed to his girlfriend at God’s Window in Mpumalanga province.

This is a popular lookout point and a popular place to propose.

Several of her family members live in South Africa, and she hasn’t been there for six years. I just learned there’s no better place to propose, he says.

Above the Clouds: God’s Window in Mpumalanga is a favorite tourist destination and a popular place to propose. Photo: Wikimedia Commons
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McKinnon says he met Jess at university in Bournemouth in 2019, and they moved in together two years later.

– My voice broke when I got down on one knee and asked: Will you marry me? “Oh my God,” she said, and started crying before saying yes. The look on her face… meant everything.

It ended fatally

After the show at God’s Window, the couple celebrated with champagne.

On December 30, the couple went to Jess Prinsloo’s mother’s house in Johannesburg.

This is when the fatal accident occurred.

The 24-year-old had a milk allergy, which in rare cases can lead to anaphylactic shock, according to the report. pocket doctor.

It can be life threatening

The small spoon Prinsloo used for his cup of tea was in contact with the milk.

A few minutes after drinking the tea, she had severe breathing problems and went into anaphylactic shock.

This is a potentially life-threatening condition that requires immediate assistance.

According to Craig McKinnon, the fiancee always carried two syringes of adrenaline with her, in case she accidentally came into contact with dairy.

He says she has had many near misses after eating things she could not stand.

This time it was too late, and the adrenaline pens did not help her.

On New Year’s Eve, she was pronounced dead in the hospital.

– When Jess died, a part of me died too. No one is responsible for her death. But, my goodness, she had so many near misses, McKinnon says.

He had to be revived

He is convinced that all of her fiancé’s past near-disappearances were the cause of her death.

If you’ve ever had an anaphylactic shock, according to the pocket doctor Increased risk of further anaphylactic shock.

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McKinnon says her fiancé was diagnosed with a milk allergy when she was just nine months old.

Among other things, she had to be revived when she was 18 years old after she ate an Indian dish that contained milk.

– again she asked for a vegan dessert that was supposed to contain no dairy at all, but then she needed an antihistamine, an EpiPen, and a hospital visit. McKinnon says I haven’t eaten dairy in three years because it just wasn’t worth the risk.

Serious Allergies: Jess Prinsloo has always carried adrenaline pens for fear of going into anaphylactic shock.  Photo: Jess Prinsloo/Facebook

Serious Allergies: Jess Prinsloo always had her adrenaline pens with her, for fear of going into anaphylactic shock. Photo: Jess Prinsloo/Facebook
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– She touched everyone she met

The Jace Prinsloo Survivors held a fundraiser at the GoFundMe To cover hospital and funeral expenses.

This is what they write on the site:

Jess was an amazing daughter, sister, niece, friend, and fiancee. She has brightened every room she entered and influenced the lives of everyone she met. If you’ve ever met Jess, you probably know what the “fun fact” about herself is: that she was allergic to milk.

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