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(Almost) Technical Draw

(Almost) Technical Draw

Gil Vicente and J.D. Chavez starred in Null (0-0), in the closing match of round 25, at Estádio Cidade de Barcelos. One day after the legislative elections and a clear balance in the Portuguese's preferences, Minho and Valientes Transmontanos witnessed a technical (not very) draw, between two completely different proposals for the game.

They were placed in different parts of the table – separated by nine points at the start of the day – and it didn't take long to understand the nuances of the challenge. Confident and connected in sectors, the Roosters set the pace and made the most exciting moves. Felix Correa returned to one of the lanes and, with Tijani Toure on the other side, tried to find routes to goal, sometimes in short triangles, sometimes with the centers of the eleven returning players, Alipoor.

On Flavensie's part, the tactic was well defined: exploit the quick transition of the attack. The problem is that… such a theory has not been properly put into practice. Despite three changes in the starting lineup – Hector, Karaca and Yegor Nogueira – Chávez showed little ability to leave the defensive sector, and with some helplessness in responding to the loss, Moreno's disciples were able to thank Hugo Sousa and the post. .

Felix Correa and Tijani were a problem for JD Chavez @Rogrio Ferreira / Kapta+

Maxime Dominguez, also returning, was the main hero in those moments, but the ball insisted on not entering. In the 17th minute, the Swiss midfielder hit the post in a very clear move from the collective sense of Martim Neto and Tijani Toure, only to see the Flavense goalkeeper block a shot inside the small area in an almost “terrifying” manner minutes later.

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Amidst Gilista's loss, Kelechi Nwakali still terrorized Andrew with a shot from outside the area, in the only dangerous moment for Tras os Montes throughout the entire first half. This move did not frighten the Flavian family, but Jill was unable to take advantage of it. With the head, Mory Jabbani is still doing the job Voters Barcelense chanted a goal, in another moment of great brilliance from Hugo Souza, as Alipoor was caught offside, in the last important game of the stage.

Low working noises

When they got back together, things changed little to nothing. Gil remained master and master of events, and although he was less pronounced in the final third, the sample reached the deflated Chaves with determination. With no major occasions, Vitor Campellos brought on Fujimoto and Depo – after more than four months without playing – and the improvements were immediate.

In his debut and with another coolness, the Angolan international could open the asset, while the Japanese player began to lend the labels previously bestowed upon Maxime: quality in short spaces and passing success going forward. In the opposite direction, Joao Correa sent the ball over Andrew's crossbar, but once the dangerous move was overcome, Minho's side were back in the spotlight. Fujimoto proves himself a clumsy in the final act, in the highest care of continuing the host's superiority…

Conscious of the film he was watching, Moreno modernized the attack with Ruben Ribeiro and Joe Batista and the improvements, although timid, were felt in the final phase marked by the occasion of Leandro Sanka in an erratic position and the sending off – a second yellow for simulation – from Depo.

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