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Altice Portugal has tripled the number of trainees in its Darwin HR programme

Altice Portugal has tripled the number of trainees in its Darwin HR programme

In the 2023 edition of Altice Portugal’s DarWIN intern program, 125 interns were employed, integrating different areas into the telecom company’s structure.

Darwin aims to integrate young people with bachelor’s and master’s degrees into the labor market who have the potential to work with an employer. The event that marked the beginning of the program was held on September 14, and was attended by Ana Figueiredo, CEO of Altice Portugal, and members of the Executive Committee, in a session marked by the exchange of ideas and the sharing of the expertise of professionals.

Since the first edition, in 2019, more than 230 trainees have been employed in the DarWIN programme, and have been integrated into different sectors and areas of activity in Altice Portugal. The company explained that “the number represents the telecommunications company’s investment in young talent and the rejuvenation of its employees.”

At a time when the telecommunications and electronic communications sector faces multiple challenges, “the knowledge, experience and motivation of these young people are an excellent contribution to overcoming them and ensuring the success of Altice’s work on the national territory.” Through the DarWIN programme, the operator aims to attract young people who contribute to the operation of the organization, through their enthusiasm, but also to apply and explore their talents throughout their career within the company.

Within the scope of this programme, new employees, who are expected to have a youthful, entrepreneurial, dynamic and agile spirit, are selected from among hundreds of candidates, reinforcing Altice Portugal’s commitment to recruiting young human resources and graduates who will respond to the continuous development of the ICT market and innovation.

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The secret is in training
Altice Portugal is a professional experience that goes far beyond common trainee programmes, and the DarWIN program presents itself as an opportunity to gain and enhance knowledge. Through courses, workshops and coaching sessions, young people can find challenges focused on people, sustainability, business and society.

For many of these trainees, this is their first contact with the world of work, so the ability to work as a team, learn and develop, create, innovate and think critically are some of the key skills you will be expected to enhance during your tenure. Trip in Altice Portugal.

The paid internship is expected to last 12 months and is aimed at recent graduates (Masters or Graduates) who want to combine the theory they learned at university with practice in a business context. The DarWIN program includes specific and on-the-job training, individual support, and various challenges targeting people, companies and society.

The young people in this edition, whose vacancies have tripled compared to the previous edition, have received training in the most diverse fields, such as engineering, IT, management and economics, and from some of the most prestigious educational institutions such as the Higher Technical Institute, ISEG, ISCTE, Católica Lisboa School of Business and Economics, Instituto Polytechnic of Setubal, Faculty of Sciences of the University of Lisbon, University of Nova de Lisboa, Faculty of Engineering of the University of Porto, and Universidade Interior de Beira.

Over the next few years, Altice Portugal intends to renew its human capital, invest in new generations and invest in new skills in order to respond to market demands. The company announced these goals in February this year, on the occasion of presenting the 2023-2030 strategy, reinforcing the importance of people for the success of its operations in Portugal.

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