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Altice: SIRESP "will end on June 30th" - news

Altice: SIRESP “will end on June 30th” – news

“What I can say is that we have two and a half months before the end of the contract,” said Alexandre Fonseca, in a conversation with Luca and Diario de Noticias (DN), when asked about the subject of SIRESP, whose owner. Myo is a service provider.

“We have absolutely no contact on the part of SIRESP,” and “at the moment, with this really short distance, of two and a half months, with a contract of this complexity, with the technical and human resources involved, we say we are already there at the last minute.” , The director stressed.

“From what Altice Portugal depends on, it seems to me that SIRESP will end on June 30, 2021 [último dia do contrato]As there is no “de facto on the table a prospect for continuity, for contractual negotiations,” he considered.

This is the “vision” that Alexander Fonseca possesses today “to this date”, but he referred questions on this matter to SIRESP SA or to the Ministry of Internal Administration responsible for it.

From our side until thirty [de junho], We will ensure that we continue to provide service with satellite duplication – which we insist and finally apply shortly before we leave – thus we fulfill the contract and fulfill the contract “until the last day.

Altice Portugal is the O&M supplier and also host of many SIRESP websites.

In early November, the Minister of Home Administration, Eduardo Cabrita, admitted to the extension of the concession contract for the SIRESP emergency network with the installed operators after June of this year.

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At that time, during the discussion on the allocation of the state budget for 2021, Eduardo Cabrita explained to the deputies that the term of contracting with private operators expires in June 2021, and at that moment, a working group set up by the Ministries of the Interior was created. Administration and Finance were discussing a future model for Portugal’s Integrated Emergency and Security Networks System (SIRESP).

For seven million euros, the state bought the 100% stake of the private operators, Altice and Motorola, in SIRESP, in a deal that took place in December 2019.

Since then, the country has entered into a contract with Altice and Motorola to provide the service until June 2021.

After the fires of 2017, when system malfunctions were announced, several changes were made to SIRESP, with the network now equipped with another 451 satellite antennas and 18 electrical redundancy units.

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