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Altri confirms the distribution of assets to shareholders as of July 20 - companies

Altri confirms the distribution of assets to shareholders as of July 20 – companies

Altri reported last week that it will distribute a A dividend of 10 cents per share and giving a stake in the new listed company for every 55 shareholders owned by the paper mill shareholders.. in the thirteenth, In a new notice to CMVMHe stated that the start date of distributing these assets to shareholders It will be on July 20. is today, In another press releaseAfter his debut on the stock exchange, he repeated that date.

In connection with the cash dividend – the shares of Greenvolt that Altri will distribute to shareholders – the Company will distribute one share representing Greenvolt’s share capital for every 55 shares representing Altri’s share capital – up to a maximum of 3,750,000 shares (i.e. up to 5%) of Greenvolt.

Payment of the amount in cash corresponds to 10 cents per share representing Altri’s share capital “which will not, in any case, exceed the global maximum amount of €20,513,167.20”.

“For this purpose, the expected date of the distribution payment is July 20, 2021, and this payment is subject to the actual acceptance of shares for trading on Euronext Lisbon,” states the 13th day document from the company led by Jose Pena. .

This listing of renewable energies subsidiary Altri led by Manso Neto happened yesterday the 15th, with Greenvolt stock closing today. Negotiable at €4.80, above 4.25 euros Which was sold in the public offering Reserved for qualified investors.

The in-kind and cash distribution has a ‘standard date’ of July 8, 2021 and, according to the paper maker, has a reference of 17:00 (GMT, the closing time of Interbolsa systems) instead of the previously mentioned 23:59 (GMT).

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Greenvolt ended today’s session with a loss of 2.92% to €4.66 a share – still well above the price it was sold at in its IPO. Altri already gave 2.38% to 5.1250 euros On Santander Day Position the Portuguese company as a preferred company in the pulp sector.