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Altri prepares to hand over position at Greenvolt to shareholders - Industry

Altri wants to build a new factory in Galicia. Investment up to 750 million euros – Industry

Altri wants to build a natural fiber production plant in Lugo, Galicia. The paper maker said in a statement that the project could cost around 750 million euros, and is surrounded by the Spanish Resilience and Recovery (PRR) plan.

“Altri indicates that the ideal location for the bio-factory for the production of natural fibers would be in the municipality of Palas de Rei, in Comarca de A Ulloa, Province of Lugo, in the Galicia Autonomous Region,” the note sent.

The unit will occupy an area of ​​more than 200 hectares, with Altri already ensuring access to the land necessary for its implementation. To arrive at this selection, the company analyzed 46 sites across the Spanish region.

The biofactory will have the capacity to produce about 200,000 tons of cellulose-based textile fibers annually, starting with the production of about 60,000 tons of lyocell annually.

The paper company led by José Soares de Pena estimates that “the investment should reach about 750 million euros”, and is included “naturally in theThe European Union’s Next Generation and the Spanish National Recovery and Resilience Plan, in the context of the “Proyecto de Gestión Sostenible de los Bosques Gallegos”.

The statement also notes that the decision comes after Altri signed a memorandum of understanding in October with the Association for the Development of Strategic Projects in Galicia, a Spanish public-private consortium.

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