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Alvaro Magalhaes between the derby and the classic: “Benfica will have a better performance with the best in its positions” – Benfica

Alvaro Magalhaes between the derby and the classic: “Benfica will have a better performance with the best in its positions” – Benfica

The former Reds coach believes the strategy devised by Roger Schmidt should be different

• Photo: Luis Manuel Neves

Sporting won the derby with Benfica (2-1), was counted in the first leg of the Portuguese Cup semi-final, in a match in which Roger Schmidt maintained a mobile attack and which was marked by two goals disallowed by referee Fabio Verissimo. Alvaro Magalhaes, the former Reds player, considered that despite the defeat, the confrontation is still “open.”

“Benfica will play at home, playing at the Estadio da Luz is not easy. We have to realize that Sporting has a good team, physically strong. They have a great team, but Benfica is playing at home… This result is not bad. It could have been worse. The tie is open,” he began by pointing register.

Álvaro Magalhães praised the derby's refereeing, stating that Fabio Verissimo performed well “for both sides”: “In my opinion, it was good refereeing. Everything the referee decided was well decided. The referee did well, he did a good job.” The match, there were no problems.” When asked about Di Maria’s goal being disallowed for Tengstedt’s offside, Álvaro Magalhães admitted it was a “confusing” move: “In the area I was in on the pitch I couldn’t see the play well. There are a lot of doubts. “There was an extra centimeter, like the blocked shot against Sporting, which was a great goal and ended up being offside.”

Alvaro Magalhaes

Roger Schmidt once again chose to play with eleven men without an attacking reference – as he did in the last round against Portimonense – and with Orsnes on the left side of the defence. Álvaro Magalhaes respects the decisions of the Benfica coach, but believes that the team has much greater potential, because it has “high-quality” players: “I speak as a man who has been through this house. The coach has his ideas, but Benfica I would have done it.” “They perform better if you put the best in their positions,” he said. “But I have to respect that,” later considering that the Eagles had benefited from the individual quality of some footballers: “Even though they don’t play well, the individual quality is that determines. “Matches. These players like Di Maria score goals and win matches.”

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Although it is considered that the strategy prepared for the derby should have been different, Álvaro Magalhães does not believe that Roger Schmidt will make changes in the next match of the Spanish League, against Porto: “The coach has his ideas and we have to respect them.” “That's it. Obviously we have our opinion. Benfica has players who can play more, if they change the tactical system. Benfica has players who play better football.”

Álvaro Magalhães also does not believe that the defeat to Sporting will destabilize the team in the classic match against Porto: “Obviously, defeat always leaves marks, it is not easy to lose, especially for a team like Benfica, who likes to win. But “it is a different match, for the championship.” It's worth the points. The coach will have to prepare the team in another way. I think Porto have a great team, they are playing at home and they are encouraged by yesterday's win (against Santa Clara). “It's a different match and Benfica will have to have a strong team to beat Porto at the Estadio Dragao.”

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Written by Teresa Denise Oliveira


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