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Alvaro Pacheco punishes Samo: “She uses rubber buttons for elegance.”

Alvaro Pacheco punishes Samo: “She uses rubber buttons for elegance.”

Statements by Alvaro Pacheco, coach of Vizela, after the draw against Famalicao, in the match of the tenth round of the league:

“We are sad and frustrated. We got to a tough stadium and at a time like this we were very close to winning. Famalicão was awarded for her boldness. The result fits.

[Voltar a sofrer oito minutos depois dos 90, tal como na jornada passada, contra o Benfica] We didn’t want this to happen, but it did. Now, we can’t be afraid of the next challenge. We can’t be stopped. These players, with the character they have, will know how to solve this kind of situation. Next time we have the advantage. They will be calmer to hold on to the victory. I hope it’s already in the next match, at home, with our fans.”

“In the match we were uncomfortable with the ball. This is part of growth. There was also a Famalicão feature. You’ve moved the team to place new players and create supremacy in the middle lane. We were able to call from the inside, we got to the goal, but after that barrier we didn’t have to keep score.”

[Sobre Samu, que escorregou no lance do golo do Benfica, na última jornada, não ter jogado de início hoje] “It is important for Samu to understand that sometimes we have to be punished in order to grow. There are rules. In the last game, the rules were to play with aluminum pins, he chose rubber studs, and he was punished for realizing that the team should always be above individual interests. Samu believed That it’s best to play with a style rubber pit. Now, playing Zag, he grabbed it very well and now he’s going to have to wait for his chance.”