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Sofia Arruda revela como organiza as refeições do filho: “Pede sempre a mesma coisa…”

“Always ask for the same thing…”

On Friday, September 30, Sofia Arruda and Mariana Abicassis were the guest of Carolina Patrosinho on “What’s Up? TV”, by SIC Mulher. The topic of conversation was food waste and routine with the kids.

During “What’s Up? TV”, a nutritionist was giving tips for avoiding food waste, and even gave some examples:It is very helpful to think of ways to invest in food at home and avoid food waste. I make potato chips and sweet potatoes which are lower in calories than potato pulp, plus the fiber is all there. It’s a good “two in one” gameHe started by saying.

It is very easy and very cheap. It helps demystify that, in fact, you can enjoy a lot of the food we have at home“, he added.

After this, Carolina Patrosino questioned Sofia Arruda about the way she organizes meals for her three-year-old son Xavier: “I usually start Sunday by thinking about the meals of the week. Now he changed school and they asked him, at the stage of adaptation, to take food from home, so that everything would not be so different. I usually make it for dinner, it takes the next day to be more practical‘, explained the actress.

Amidst laughter, the artist still shot: My son always asks the same thing. I try to give him different things, but they are practical because for him it is always the favourite, he even claps his hands“.