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“Always protect the same person [Sofia Sousa]”

“Always protect the same person [Sofia Sousa]”

Carlos Souza returns to TVI reality shows as a contestant on “Big Brother – Desafio Final 2”.

On the night of Monday, January 22, Carlos Souza revealed, in a conversation with some of his colleagues, that in “Casa dos Segredos – Desafio Final: Agora ou Nunca” (2017), he would have given up last week.

Al-Shamali admitted that “I didn't like it very much“With Sofia Souza,”Now I agree fine“. Carlos Souza pointed out that there was a dynamic of directly expelling a competitor and Sofia Souza was the one who voted the most, but after all it was “inverse“.

I was already sweating, always protecting myself. It was named and saved a day later; Now it is a matter of expelling the majority of votes, on the contrary, it is a matter of survival“, It is to explain.

Carlos Souza informed production of his desire to leave the program: “once again? Always protect the same person! Adequate! Did I come here to play a doll? If that were the case, I wouldn't even come. If I'm here, it's because I want to win, and I have hope to win“He said at the time.

Interestingly, Carlos Souza was the winner of that edition with… 66% of the votes against the 34% from Sofia Souza. This was the last version presented by Teresa Guilherme, before she was replaced by Manuel Luis Goscha the following year.

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