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Amanda Knox returns to Italy

Amanda Knox returns to Italy

Knox was just 20 years old when she and her then-Italian boyfriend were convicted of murdering Briton Meredith Kercher in the apartment the two women shared in Perugia, Italy.

After several trials, in which Knox was found guilty and acquitted in several rounds, she was finally acquitted of the murder in 2015.

However, she was found guilty of defamation because, in an early police interview, she accused a local bar owner of killing her friend.

LEGAL BATTLE: Amanda Knox's battle against murder charges has been going on for several years, in several rounds of court. This is the photo in 2008, during the murder trial. Photograph: Pierpaolo Cito/AP/NTB.
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In October last year, the Court of Appeal overturned this ruling, requiring a new trial. It began in Florence earlier this year, without Knox present. She appeared in court on Wednesday morning, where her lawyers awaited the decision.

I hope that my name will be cleared once and for all of the false charges brought against me. Wish me luck,” Knox wrote on X earlier this week.

The 2014 murder case received significant media attention, not least the prosecution's claim that Kercher died when a sex toy went wrong. When the country's highest court acquitted Knox and her former boyfriend, Rafael Sollecito, the court noted that there were “serious errors” in the police investigation.

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