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Amazon is in talks to get a low-cost or even free cell phone service

Amazon is in talks to get a low-cost or even free cell phone service

Amazon wants to improve its offering package and is therefore in talks to get a new low-cost mobile service.

Amazon is in negotiations with several carriers in order to structure a mobile service that is low cost or even free for Prime users in the United States of America (USA).

As reported by Reuters, the e-commerce giant is in talks with Verizon connectionsthe T-Mobile US and the dish network. The goal is to offer mobile service at about $10 a month or less for Amazon Prime members. Previously, there was also a file on the table ATT.

We're always exploring offering more benefits to Prime members.

This needs to add more benefits to the subscription president It comes at a time when Amazon is facing a slowdown in new member arrivals. Since this is its main loyalty program, the company is pulling strings.

In turn, a partnership agreement with Amazon can help telecom companies gather new customers, thus increasing their revenue. However, the details of the potential agreement were not known.

At the moment, this is a plan for the United States, by the way, which the aforementioned telecom companies have not commented on, according to Reuters. However, if it goes ahead and works, it may be expanded and adapted to more countries.

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