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Amazon may not have anyone to hire in the US in 2024

Amazon may not have anyone to hire in the US in 2024

Amazon is one of the largest companies in the world, famous above all for its extensive platform for online sales, among other services.

However, according to the information revealed from an internal report, Amazon employees may run out for recruitment in the USA by 2024.

Amazon may not be able to hire people in the US in 2024

Information from an internal Amazon report was recently leaked, revealing that the company's warehouses are at grave risk of not having enough staff to respond to express delivery needs.

Amazon service has a huge turnover and as such, it needs a large number of workers so that it does not let customers down a thing. But this could become an issue in a few years, according to data in the now-released report.

The information was disclosed by the channel registerWhere it was stated that:

If we continue business as usual, Amazon will run out of work available on the US network in 2024.

Amazon has calculated the number of workers it has available in each of its warehouses. It was based on the wage level in the area and the distance between workers' homes and company buildings, among other factors. In short, the company only refers to the people it can employ, not the general public.

The document was prepared in mid-2021 and estimated that the manpower available in the metropolitan area of ​​Phoenix, Arizona, would be exhausted by the end of 2021. In the Inland Empire, located 100 kilometers east of Los Angeles, California, this will happen at the end of this year 2022. Districts Others at risk will be Memphis (Tennessee) and Wilmington (Delaware).

In contrast, the same report does not highlight a solution to this problem, but it does offer some measures to deal with the situation. Among these measures, salary increases would increase spending; investing in automation, which could spark criticism from labor advocates; and improve employee retention.

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