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Amazon victory! Workers voted against the union

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Amazon has been the focus of some controversy. Since there is no working conditionsEven allegations of alleged discrimination. The first sparked a wave of protests, forcing workers to take to the streets to demand representation by a union.

However, in the moment of truth, victory came from Amazon, as most warehouse workers in the company in Alabama voted against representation of the union.

The workers vote against the unions

Although they have Protested against his acting Defended by a union, most Amazon warehouse workers in Alabama voted against this possibility. So, this is a clear victory for the company that sees its workers banned from the union.

According to a preliminary statistic by US National Labor Relations CouncilOf 5,800 warehouse workers in Alabama, 3,215 March were entitled to vote against union representation.

Although the majority is guaranteed, Amazon has invested millions of dollars to oversee and process union activities by its employees. Moreover, she has hired analysts to identify the people who are organizing themselves.

In fact, the Federation of Retail Stores and Stores (RWDSU) has denounced that the company has made systematic attempts to prevent workers from joining a union, both in Alabama and elsewhere in the United States.

Amazon protest

Amazon (dis) encourages unions

As we have already seen, Amazon is not directly against creating or integrating an association. This is because although he claimed to support workers’ rights, he was against effective union meetings and attempts.

In this sense, company actions include attempts to delay voting, as well as forcing workers to participate in meetings where union membership has been heavily criticized. According to RWDSU, Amazon has used false allegations to intimidate employees.

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In addition, although it will not interfere with the outcome of the vote, RWDSU is in talks with Amazon about the eligibility of 500 ballot papers.

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