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Amber Heard out of Aquaman 2 is the wish of over 3 million people

Amber Heard out of Aquaman 2 is the wish of over 3 million people

The petition to remove actress Amber Heard from the Aquaman sequel continues to collect signatures and after recent revelations in the ongoing legal case, the number of people signing has increased dramatically.

On April 28, The petition is calculated With more than 2 million signatures, but in a few days she managed to cross 3.1 million signatures (thanks to CBR), demonstrating the clarity of the legal issue around the actress and her participation in the AD movie

Johnny Depp described several incidents of domestic violence such as the case of punching Amber Heard (his wife at the time) twice in the face and again when she crushed his finger with a bottle of vodka and forced Depp into surgery.

The petition cites the statements the actor made against his ex-wife and also refers to the 2009 case in which Heard was accused of domestic violence by Tasya Van Ree, which reveals a pattern of violence.

Heard brings Mera to life in 2018’s Aquaman and it was recently revealed that his revelations took place at a time specifically designed to increase visibility around the film and after the consequences Depp has suffered in the previous legal process, this petition requires something similar to be heard.

Peter Safran commented in July 2021 on the petition and said that the team would do better for the film and not succumb to public pressure. However, in light of the latest discoveries, things could change.

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