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Amber Heard's lawyer says actress 'doesn't have the skills' to pay Johnny Depp compensation

Amber Heard’s lawyer says actress ‘doesn’t have the skills’ to pay Johnny Depp compensation

Despite getting to the end, a lot of ink is still expected to pour into one of the most medically ill ever. This Wednesday 1 June, Johnny Depp He was considered the winner of the lawsuit that incited him against his ex-wife, Amber Heard.

However, after deep And the he heard Publicly expressing themselves about the findings of the jury verdict, there is a new reaction, this time from the actress’s lawyer, who has already gone to a TV show to comment that the protagonistAquaman“”He does not have any financial capabilitiesTo support the ex-spouse’s compensation.

According to the newspaper daily MailOn the show, Elaine Charlesson Bridhoft, the attorney who represented Heard, was interviewed today’s show This Thursday, the second, as I also suppose that “There are excellent reasons“It is up to your team to appeal the ruling, which will already be underway.

No, not $15 million. This is the actual amount that Johnny Depp will receive in compensation

When asked if the actress was able to pay the huge amount of money, after Depp’s allegations were proven, the lawyer directly responded with “No, absolutely impossible“.

The actress’s lawyer is still insisting on the verdict that the jury will be Influenced by the public opinion that has arisen on the issueespecially through social networks, which fed him intoxic“:”There is no way they were not affected by it. It was terrible. It was very uneven. The way they saw this case compares to what the Colosseum looks like in RomeBredhoft said.

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A defense spokeswoman for Amber Heard wrote on Twitter: “I am even more disappointed by what this ruling means to other women. It’s a bounce. Turns back the clock to a time when a woman who speaks out can be insulted. This dispels the idea that violence against women should be taken seriously.“.