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AMD Adrenalin 2022 Update Will Add FSR Via Driver To Any Game

AMD Adrenalin 2022 Update Will Add FSR Via Driver To Any Game

After the update, anyone with a GPU Radeon will be able to use FSR in any game

Until today (4) in a post AMD And those 2022 The company announced a new update for it Programming AMD Adrenaline Edition It will include, among its features, an option Use FidelityFX Super Resolution Upgrade in any game via Driver, as is already possible on video cards from nvidia Like nvidia Image scaling.

This software is constantly updated and contains some features or fixes in every release. according to AMD, is still the first quarter of this year should receive the program FSR via Driver For new Radeon video cards Version 5.0 of AMD connection And a new feature called AMD privacy view, which uses technology eye tracking To improve user privacy, though, the feature hasn’t received many details yet.

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However, the main news that was announced is that FidelityFX Super Resolution can actually be used in any game if you have an AMD graphics card. In our tests, FSR brought interesting results and being able to use this technology in any game is really exciting.

After the upgrade, there will likely be an option in the software to enable and configure FSR between quality modes, but we still need to wait to get a better idea of ​​how the feature will actually be implemented and what options it will offer.

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Nvidia launched its own RTX 2000 graphics card with a focus on commercializing its technology that enabled real-time ray tracing, but what actually caught users’ attention was the development Deep Learning Ultra Sampling (DLSS), which has achieved very impressive results with its upgrade by artificial intelligence.

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DLSS is exclusive to RTX boards, but Their demand forced other companies to find other solutions, Like the FidelityFX Ultra Precision (FSR) That works from an algorithm that combines things like upscaling, edge optimization, and scene sharpening.

In response, Nvidia updated its alternative upgrade technology, Image scaling from Nvidia (NIS) that was already available in the driver (accessible through the Nvidia Control Panel) for users of corporate graphics cards and Don’t rely on too many AI devices. It will also provide the technology for use within the engine of some games, as well as FSR and DLSS, and can even be used in competitive GPUs.

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Now at CES 2022 we already have two more updates on the evolution of real-time upgrade technologies targeting games. In addition to AMD’s announcement that it will include FSR for any game in its graphics card driver, Intel has announced Death Stranding director cuts with Xe Super Xampling (XeSS) for Fall 2022.


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