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AMD already owns 16% of the data center processor market

AMD already owns 16% of the data center processor market

Those who care more about the tech industry have already noted that AMD has become a much stronger company after the current CEO, Lisa Su, took the helm.

The Taiwanese brand is gradually gaining a more comfortable place in various sectors, especially in the CPU segment. According to recent data, AMD already has 16% of the data center processor market.

Intel still leads the processor market. However, recently, the Pat Gensinger brand announced some strategic measures to get stronger against its rival AMD. Specifically, Intel decided Reduce the price of your server chips. But everything indicates that despite this, the Taiwanese company has a lot of struggle to offer to the competition.

AMD already has 16% of the server CPU market

According to a recent report by Omdia, one of the many technology market analysis companies, and released by Business WireAMD managed to achieve 16% of its share in the processor segment for data centers. This is a record for Lisa Sue.

In 2017, the company launched its line of Epyc CPUs, which are aimed at servers, high performance computing (HPC), and other commercial purposes.

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AMD has cleverly taken advantage of Intel's loss of power in this market. To secure more customers, the Taiwanese company increased its cloud services, introduced better products, and thus assumed a larger presence in the sector.

In short, slowly, AMD is approaching the competition in a safe and confident manner. For data center processors, the next generation, codenamed Genoa, should arrive early 2022 with a 96-core, 192-thread CPU.

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