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AMD introduces 3D Cache, a technology that guarantees 15% more gaming performance

The news that AMD announced at Computex 2021 was not limited to Ultra-precision FidelityFXThe company demonstrated a new vertical SRAM mode technology in the processor. According to Lisa Su, CEO of the company, this novelty guarantees an increase of 64 MB of cache which, as a result, achieves an average of 15% higher performance in games.

The development was carried out by AMD in partnership with the chip giant TSCM. Together they were able to take advantage of TSVs (via silicon-vias), which allow you to stack 64MB of SRAM on top of a CCD. However, the thickness of the processor does not increase, since the presence of silicon can correct the change caused by the generated stack.

Cache 3D representation – Photo: AMD

We take this Ryzen 5000 processor and stack 64MB of 7nm SRAM directly on top of each core collector, effectively tripling the amount of L3 cache powering our Zen 3 cores. Transmission of signals and power between stacked chips, support bandwidth of more than 2TB per secondLisa Sue announced.

Gears 5 beta performance benchmark – Photo: Reproduction/AMD

The CEO also introduced a version of the Ryzen 9 5900X equipped with the new technology. For comparison purposes, the company has benchmarked Gears 5 with two models, one equipped with a 3D cache and the other not. Thus, it was concluded that the performance gain in this case was about 12%. Without the technology, the average was 184 fps, while the prototype saw an average of 206 fps.

According to Lisa Su, the 3D cache should become available later this year. All AMD offers at Computex 2021 are available at Video Attached at the beginning of the article. However, if you just want to watch the part where the CEO announces stacking technology, skip the video to 33 minutes.

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