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Amel Bent even "money", Florent Bogney "very strategy"?  The talents of "The Voice" emptied their pockets and freed the coaches!

Amel Bent even “money”, Florent Bogney “very strategy”? The talents of “The Voice” emptied their pockets and freed the coaches!

At the event you are attending Voice, And the four coaches returned, mesmerized by your voice, with whom do you want to collaborate? This is a question that all talented people ask themselves before going on stage on TF1’s Tele-Hook and trying their luck. In fact, if we knew the talents and discography of those seated in the show’s popular red chairs, we would know a little less about their working style and the way they behave in everyday life.

This is why our colleaguesFeminine Wanted to know more about this and wanted to interview Dorian Ben and Leroy, Amel Bent was selected by Ofé, who creates the good days of Mark Lavoin, and finally Noor from the Florent Pogney team. Leroy made a strange revelation about someone who gave his life for the third time in his life. In fact, according to him, Vita’s neighbor will be very official. Confirmed answer by someone in the same group. “But yes she is always right in the end”All the same Lleeroy nuanced.

Mark Lavoin, father chicken

But in addition to being “Very official”, Is she too tricky? No, this talent belongs to Florent Pagny. Undoubtedly the translator for this reason My freedom of thought Stay in the chair for many years Voice He has also amassed many successes due to his talent. In cases where future talents are looking for a defense coach, their choice should be Mark Lavoie. In fact, according to Ofé, he takes great care of his team members.

Although there are some manifestations of the ability of VoiceHowever, the latter maintain a better relationship with their coaches and know that Amel Bent, Florent Bacchini, Mark LaVoyne or even Viani are there to advise them and allow them to progress.

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