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America: Biden talks about the situation in Afghanistan "soon" |  world and science

America: Biden talks about the situation in Afghanistan “soon” | world and science

National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan provided Biden’s position information
France Press agency

Posted 16/08/2021 10:27 | Updated on 8/16/2021 10:37 AM

National Security Adviser Jake Sullivan said Monday that US President Joe Biden will speak “soon” about the situation in Afghanistan, a day after the Taliban regained power in the country and Washington evacuated your embassy.

Sullivan told ABC that Americans “expect to hear from the president very soon. He’s in constant contact with his national security team. He’s working hard to manage the situation.” But he did not disclose details about the timing or form of the intervention.

The schedule released by the White House on Sunday does not anticipate any public events for Biden, who spent the weekend at Camp David, the summer residence of US presidents in northwest Washington, where he intended to stay, tentatively, until Wednesday, away from Press City.

But the agenda must change now that Afghanistan has fallen to the Taliban after a mistaken attack, and as the world looks on in bewilderment at images of chaos at Kabul airport.

Biden last spoke publicly on the subject on August 10, when he said he had “no regrets” the decision to withdraw the last US military by August 31 from Afghanistan, after 20 years of war.

And then announced in a statement the deployment of six thousand soldiers to secure the airport in Kabul and the evacuation of nearly 30 thousand Americans and Afghan civilians who cooperated with the US military.

A photo released Sunday by the White House on Twitter shows the president sitting alone at a large conference table at Camp David, with a video conference screen showing several senior government officials.

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