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America records rabies in a cat in Parque das Nações

America records rabies in a cat in Parque das Nações

The Centers for Zoonoses Disease Control (CCZ) in Americana reported receiving a positive result for rabies in a cat whose owner resides in the Parque das Naques neighborhood. The report was released by the Pasteur Institute in São Paulo on February 11. According to the sector, although the cat was a home, it had free access to the streets. He was recently admitted to a veterinary clinic in Santa Barbara de Oeste, but died of neurological symptoms. Since the animal has a history of aggression, the CCZ in Santa Barbara de Oeste collected the material for analysis.

On the same day the case was confirmed, the epidemiological surveillance of the neighboring municipality identified people who had significant contact with the animal, two employees of the veterinary clinic and the owner, who started preventive treatment, receiving serum and rabies vaccinations. According to current epidemiological protocols.

According to the state health department’s guidelines, the CCZ will begin conducting a blockade in Parque Nações next week. Agents from the Health Surveillance Unit (Uvisa) will visit the property to check the vaccination status of the animals, advise on procedures to follow upon contact with bats, and also vaccinate all dogs and cats in that area. During the procedure, dogs and cats that are over three months old and in good health will be vaccinated. Expectations are that approximately 1,800 properties will be visited.

Rabies is a disease transmitted to humans through the saliva and secretions of infected animals, especially through bites, scratches and licks. The disease manifests as a brain infection and causes death in about 100% of cases. Veterinarian and technical director of the CCZ, Aneli Marques Neves Conceição, explained that in the state of São Paulo, cases of rabies in dogs and cats are associated with contact with bats. Most cases are associated with infected bats. Contamination occurs through hunting this animal or even when it occurs [cães e gatos] He explained that the bat is lying on the ground and that contact ends up being inevitable.”

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The last case of rabies in cats in America occurred in 1996, in the Iate Clube de Campinas region, however, in the surveillance procedures carried out by the CCZ, the spread of rabies virus was detected only in a group of bats, in the following neighborhoods:

Villa Bertini (May 30, 2003)

Antonio Zanaga (April 19, 2018)

Nossa Senhora do Carmo Garden (July 4, 2018)

Riviera Resort (16 March 2020)

Parque das Nações (October 26, 2020)

Brasilia Park (August 19, 2021)

In all of these places, recommended or indicated procedures have been developed in accordance with the São Paulo State Rabies Program.

The veterinarian warns that dog and cat owners must continue to vaccinate animals constantly to prevent the spread of the virus. He warned that “every dog ​​and every cat over three months old needs to receive a dose of the rabies vaccine annually, regardless of whether or not there is a campaign.”

She explained that rabies vaccination campaigns are no longer carried out in the state of São Paulo, but the CCZ has a fixed year-round vaccination center, where the animal owner calls and schedules.

Regarding bats, they play an important role in nature and are wild animals protected by law. However, they have an important link in the urban rabies transmission cycle, so residents should be aware of this. “When someone finds a bat that has fallen, dead, hanging somewhere or even flying during the day, they should contact the CCZ to be collected and sent for analysis, but these animals should never be touched with your hands,” Anneli directed.

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The vet also explained that dogs and cats that come into contact with bats need to receive booster doses of the rabies vaccine, in addition to being kept under observation, so when a dog or cat comes into contact with bats, a CCZ should be sought for guidance and care of the animal. The sector phones are 3467-1187 and 3467-2344.

Zoonoses catch bats with rabies virus and guide populations