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American millionaire Robert Durst convicted of killing best friend

American millionaire Robert Durst convicted of killing best friend

The eccentric 78-year-old millionaire, who faces life in prison when the verdict is read out on October 18, was convicted of first-degree murder (equivalent to premeditated murder) Susan Berman, according to the Associated Press (AP) news agency.

Berman was found dead in her Beverly Hills mansion, with a bullet to the head, after being questioned by police about the disappearance of Robert Durst’s first wife, Kathleen McCormack.

Kathleen disappeared without a trace in 1982, after expressing her desire to divorce her husband, in an unresolved case.

The prosecution’s thesis is that Robert Durst would have ended up killing Susan Berman to prevent her from reporting the case to the NYPD.

The millionaire, who has pleaded his innocence, was arrested in March 2015, on the eve of the broadcast of the last six episodes of a documentary about his life, shown on HBO, entitled “Jinx: The Life and Death of Robert Durst”. .

The documentary includes the sayings of Robert Durst, in which, speaking to himself in the bathroom, and on a wireless microphone recording, he confessed to killing three people: “What did you do? You killed them all, of course.”

The heir to a New York family whose fortune grew from real estate deals, Durst has been in the crosshairs of justice for more than three decades, as he is considered a suspect in unsolved crimes.

“The Jinx” revisits another bloody episode in the life of a millionaire: the murder of a neighbor, who later dismembers him and throws him into the sea in an attempt to hide the body.

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At that time, Durst fled to Texas, lived in a small apartment, disguised as a woman and pretended to be dumb.

The millionaire was eventually acquitted of the crime, thanks to a team of distinguished lawyers, who claimed a combination of self-defense, accidental shooting, and drunkenness.

During the trial in the death of Susan Berman, the attorney general asserted that there was a “mountain of evidence” against Durst, who, according to the prosecution, was responsible for three murders.

“It’s a triple murder that has managed to evade any responsibility to this day,” he said.

Robert Durst’s trial began in March 2020, after a lengthy trial in Los Angeles.

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