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American MYFC Group acquires 90% of SAD in E. Amadora – E. Amadora

American MYFC Group acquires 90% of SAD in E. Amadora – E. Amadora

Paolo Lupo will remain in the structure, but now as a co-founder

• Photo: Pedro Ferreira

The North American My Football Club (MYFC) group acquired 90% of Estrela da Amadora’s SAD, and announced the tricolor logo in a statement, putting an end to rumors about a scenario revealed by Estrela da Amadora. register last year. Paulo Lupo, who until then was the leader of the sports community, will continue to be part of the structure, but now as a co-founder, along with Hugo Cortez, Ivan Braz and Paul Roy. The purpose of the fund, which is a reference in the gaming world and is managed by Nuno Castro Silva, is to place the club in the first league within two years.

“As president of Estrela da Amadora, I affirm our commitment to restore the greatness and passion of this club in the search for a more serious football, in which all players in the game, institutions, opponents, referees and fans are respected. In the club and in football, based on honesty, transparency and mutual respect. Together, We are going to make the birth of Estrella da Amadora a reality,” confirmed Paolo Lobo.

By Francisco Guerra

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