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Americanas has cheaper notebooks than Luiza and Casas Bahia;  Prices start from R$719

Americanas has cheaper notebooks than Luiza and Casas Bahia; Prices start from R$719

Sexta Vieira Negra
Black Friday: Americanas beat and offer better discounts on laptops (Image: Disclosure)

November is coming to an end and the official day of Sexta Vieira Negra Arrives on Friday (23rd). And that’s a lot Consumers Do their research to see where they can find Best offers and discounts.

With that in mind, the Money times Which ones were you looking for? E-Commerce – Among the three elected Most trusted With a trustworthy site — they have the best promotions Notebooks.

Between two Americans (Amer3), Louisa Magazine (MGLU3) that it Casas Bahia (Bhaiya3), Americanas takes the lead and offers deeper discounts on machines.

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Black Friday for laptops: prices and models

At the first items on the list of most relevant Americanas is the least expensive notebook Multi-laser PC270which was already cheap even before the 7% discount, dropping from R$778.99 to R$718.99.

It is possible to find a cheaper machine, but in the used category. It’s about Ultra Notebook UB235which decreased by 15%, from R$ 716.99 to R$ 606.98.

Among the new devices is a notebook Samsung Intel Core 8 GB received a 15% discount, and as a result, the price dropped to R$ 2,644.35, from R$ 3,111 before.

Forms Samsung Intel Celeron 4GB And the 4GB Samsung Intel Coretheir value decreased by 10%, reaching R$ 1,468.98 and R$ 1,468.98, from R$ 1,632.20 and R$ 2,204 before.

Meanwhile, in Magalu, the cheapest laptop among the first premium models is Positivo Vision Notebook 4GB, which received a 7% discount and its price dropped from R $ 1,699 to R $ 1,115.07. Another model to consider is Compaq notebook 4gbwhich received a 10% discount and went from R $ 2,199 to R $ 1,169.

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Finally, at Casas Bahia, the machine that received the most significant discount was among the first features Lenovo Core Notebook 4GB. With a 28% discount, the price drops to R $ 1,799, from R $ 2,499 before.

From the same brand 8GB AMD model Received a 26% discount, rising to R$ 2,699 for 1,999 Brazilian real.