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Homesport'Amorim's sporting miracle': World Soccer highlights coach work at Alpvalade - Sporting

‘Amorim’s sporting miracle’: World Soccer highlights coach work at Alpvalade – Sporting

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A well-known magazine analyzing the time of the lions and shedding light on the revolution led by Robin Amorim, whom he calls “the chemist.”

The title of the article is not misleading: “The Miracle of Amorim in Sporting”. World Soccer, a popular British magazine, dedicated a four-page report in its latest issue to Sporting performance this season.

Less than three years after the darkest day in the club’s 114-year history [Ataque a Alcochete]Sporting Club de Portugal is in good health. After achieving a 10-point advantage over the competitors, the Lions are on their way to winning their first championship since 2002. ”He begins by citing the article, which highlights the fact that in the past 18 years only Benfica and Porto have won the Portuguese champion title. World Foot “says the” Big Three “were in danger of becoming the” Big Two “and Robin Amorim was appointed in charge of keeping Sporting at the top.


The Robin Amorim effect: Sporting will have six A-list caps and four U-21 teams

“Under rookie coach Robin Amorim, Sporting’s summer contracts were not exciting for the fans. While Benfica was chasing players like Edinson Cavani, Sporting bought Pedro Gonçalves, Nuno Santos and Bruno Tabata from smaller clubs in Portugal. Experienced players such as Adán or Feddal also joined in. But Rúben Amorim expressed his intention to fill the team with training products, and the early fall in Europe, after the 4-1 home defeat to LASK, confirmed the apparent inability of this team to compete for prizes until things started to happen. Familiar to them, “the magazine adds, leaving many compliments to Robin Amorim.

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“The summer contracts were formed using magic chemistry for a perfectly functioning unit. This sports team is an example that the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. The alchemist in question is 36-year-old Robin Amorim. The ability is to get the best results from each of his players.” It is the most accurate sign of a high-quality coach. It may still be too early to call him the next great Portuguese coach, but his start could not be better, “he points out,” in world football.

The magazine then recounts Robin Amorim’s career as a coach, starting with Casa Pia, and highlights the fact that the coach is bringing back Sporting to his DNA matrix, training, and Alcochetti Academy.

Written by Miguel Custodio


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