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Amy Winehouse: The BBC documentary recalls the singer

Amy Winehouse: The BBC documentary recalls the singer

Ten years after Amy Winehouse’s death, her family struggles to fix the singer’s drug-related image. “You think you know my daughter – drugs, drugs, destructive relationships – but there was a lot more,” says her mother Janice in one New documents The BBC has died at the age of 27, on the tenth anniversary of the singer’s death.

The new documentary faces allegations that his family enjoyed their success and at the same time did not do enough for the singer to deal with drug addiction. Winehouse’s friend Katrina Corley especially protects the singer’s parents. “Janice and Mitch were there the whole time. He has been rehabilitated countless times, ”said Corley, who says he was in love with the winehouse.

One problem at the time was that the tabloids mocked the winehouse’s problems, instead Corley suspects. He told the BBC that with more awareness of today’s mental health issues, his friend would have been treated differently.

Winehouse was considered an exceptional artist who dealt with his personal problems in songs such as “Back to Black” and “Rehab”. His voice and his style of music between pop, jazz and soul were as vague as his outward appearance, matching numerous tattoos and bee hairstyles. However, over time their effectiveness was affected by their overdose and alcohol. He died on July 23, 2011 from complications caused by alcohol poisoning.

Singer Dion Bromfield, the ex-godmother of Amy Winehouse, has also produced a documentary about her prototype, which will be shown on MTV in Great Britain next week.

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