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An all-terrain smartwatch for adventurers

An all-terrain smartwatch for adventurers

Huawei smartwatches have clearly improved and the proof of this is the best in its class, the Huawei Watch Ultimate. This smartwatch takes the brand to new levels and emerges as a proposition for everyone who needs an extreme machine, being a true all-terrain smartwatch for the most adventurous people. Let’s get acquainted with this proposal.

An off-road vehicle for the more adventurous

If the market tends to demand smartwatches more focused on health control, there is still a niche market that demands high-end equipment. These extreme devices are used in special moments when users demand more from themselves and everything that goes with them.

Huawei decided to look at this market and make its proposal. He has chosen to develop the Huawei Watch Ultimate, a smartwatch that is in every sense a “normal” watch with a more robust body than usual and combining a set of additional sensors, intended for use in any situation, even in the most extreme conditions. .

Proof of this comes with the materials used, which seek to protect this smart watch as much as possible. To be innovative and revolutionary, the Huawei Watch Ultimate features a zirconium-based liquid metal construction. It is stronger and more resistant to wear and corrosion, which means it is designed to withstand the harsh conditions of even the most demanding terrain.

Even though it uses such noble materials, it does not become heavier or uncomfortable to use. The brand guarantees that it is 17.4% lighter than the 316L stainless steel case used in other Huawei watches. Plus, it’s 4.5 times stronger and 2.5 times harder.

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Resistant construction in all situations

Aesthetically, the Huawei Watch Ultimate looks similar to a regular watch, but with much more durability. It is available in two models, for different aesthetics. We have the VOYAGE BLUE watch, all made of titanium and the EXPEDITION BLACK watch, with a very lightweight and flexible HNBR rubber strap. They both feature a nano-ceramic bezel.

With a purpose designed for extreme moments, the Huawei Watch Ultimate has two special modes. We’re talking about Expedition Mode and Dive Mode. If the first case is intended for track running, the second is for everyone who wants to dive to a depth of 100 meters.

It offers a set of professional diving algorithms and diving guides. High level standards such as CEIL are also available to ensure everyone’s safety when descending into the depths of the ocean.

It is supported by five dual-band GNSS systems to ensure more accurate positioning. A specially designed dimming mode makes it easier to read in low-light environments, whether at night by a campfire or while walking under the stars.

The Huawei Watch Ultimate is for adventure

In the case of an ultra-marathon or adventure, continuous location markers and return route navigation guide the user to the right route if they stray too far from the main trails. It also has a unique autonomy for these moments, which often last several days.

When outdoor mode such as walking, hiking or running is enabled, the user can customize the watch screen to get only essential information at a glance. You will thus benefit from intelligent energy management modes, which take into account both immediate and long-term needs.

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When it comes to the battery, Huawei has equipped its smartwatch with a normal capacity for the brand, even with all the extras activated. It guarantees a life of up to 14 days without charging in normal use. In the most demanding moments, it can last for 8 days. It charges quickly and reaches 100% in just 60 minutes, with fast wireless charging.

In the field of health, which this smartwatch has at its base, we find what is natural in the brand’s equipment. Huawei Watch Ultimate captures dynamic heart rate and other health indicators, while continuing to monitor important data during workouts, such as SpO2two And real-time heart rate. It sends alerts when it detects something abnormal.

Everything Huawei is used to is there

There’s also atherosclerosis detection, where high-precision PPG sensors detect atherosclerosis, an indicator of hardening of the arteries, and science-based advice helps support cardiovascular health. It also ensures health management throughout the day.

For more thoughtful use on a daily basis, this smartwatch is also equipped. We feature over 20 professional fitness modes and over 100 basic modes, and precise tracking gives you access to a wealth of data, including calories, distance, route, and more.

There are also some additions that Huawei has brought to its smartwatches. We’re talking about the ability to answer or reject calls via Bluetooth, send personalized quick replies, and view call logs.

Another good option is to use apps directly on the Huawei Watch Ultimate. It is installed directly from the Watch AppGallery and already offers the user a large number of proposals in various fields and fields, which are always updated and expanded.

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Use it anytime on an adventure

Finally, and this is an important point, this Huawei smartwatch can work on any mobile device. We’re talking about using it on an Android smartphone or an Apple iPhone, all you have to do is keep the Huawei Health app in mind, which can be downloaded here.

This is clearly a very smart watch designed for anyone dedicated to adventure. However, it is perfectly usable in any everyday context. Although its aesthetics are focused on off-road moments, it suits all situations well.

Of course, with all these features, the Huawei Watch Ultimate is not a cheap offering. The brand’s online store has this smartwatch on sale for €749.99, with the Huawei Freebuds Pro 2 on offer for €169.99.

Although its price is high, this smartwatch can compete with the obvious offers on the market. It offers almost the same in terms of features, and is a far cry from the price of the Apple Watch Ultra 2, at €909.

Huawei has managed to hit the nail on the head with this premium adventure smartwatch. They are strong, durable and resistant, equipped with sensors and information for diving or adventuring, and still manage to be discreet. The battery is well above average and the competition, lasting more than enough time for all your long walks and where you feel completely comfortable.

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