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An Australian couple enslaved an immigrant who had to work 7 days a week, sleeping only an hour


7 abr 2021 16:41 GMT

The woman wanted to earn money to send to her family, but her salary was only $ 2.5 a day.

A couple from the Australian city of Melbourne is said to have enslaved an immigrant from India for eight years, sleeping for an hour a night due to the amount of work assigned to him. Reports Australian Press.

This Wednesday, during the hearing against the defendants a Arbitration de Melbourne It was revealed that they lied to the woman to go to Australia because they knew she was “a” Hard working person And I will tolerate being at your full facility 24 hours a day, seven days a week. “

The immigrant first came to Australia in 2004 and stayed in the country for two to six months. Then, in 2007, he returned A tourist visa Valid for one month, but at the end of that period he remained in the country without the respective documents Full knowledge and partnership“From the couple, there is no intention to release him, the lawyer said.

Abuse against immigrants

The woman is illiterate and hopes to earn money to help Support your family In India, but his salary is only AU 3.39 (approximately US $ 2.50) a day for washing, babysitting, house cleaning and cooking. In addition, the public prosecutor alleges that the immigrant was assaulted and treated equally Injury in boiling water And knives.

Defendants have also been charged Control and pluck Women of their fundamental rights and freedoms. In 2015, the Indian citizen was taken to a hospital in the state emaciated and sepsis.

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According to the lawyer, the defendants wanted to import “one”Personnel tested and verifiedKnowing that “they can’t afford almost anything” to maintain and maintain a large house Loose lifestyle, With foreign trips almost every year.

For their part, the defendants pleaded not guilty to deliberately enslaving the woman, and the case continues.