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An eagle crushed by the cruel German machine

An eagle crushed by the cruel German machine

Benfica suffered a heavy defeat (5-2) against Bayern Munich from another dimension.

On Tuesday, at the Allianz Arena with 50,000 fans in the stands, 2,000 of them Portuguese, the Reds presented the potential show against a strong team that would have made the Eagles’ experience even more painful, had it not been for the goalkeeper’s offer. Vlachodemos nets: While Benfica was still discussing the match in Lisbon for 70 minutes, the strategy collapsed in Munich much earlier.

Jorge Jesus provided a surprising goal, albeit somewhat consistent with the day’s speech, by removing the pressure and playing qualifying in the two matches against Barcelona and Dynamo Kiev. Otamendi Weigel and Rafa – at the risk of failing to duel with the Catalans – Diogo Gonçalves and Darwin remained on the bench. In addition to the external context, Braga’s reception at the weekend may also have affected the coach’s decision, as Benfica began to pressure and adapt the quality of the Bayern Munich match.

However, the daring strategy was gradually losing its effectiveness against Bayern on the basis of Koeman’s demons, a real horror for Grimaldo. And also live up to the versatility of the offensive game, with five items always in the shooting area. Lewandowski and Gnabry gave the Germans a comfortable advantage in a few minutes, and the eagle almost heard the click of the panic button, which seemed to be on the verge of losing touch with the game. A goal, gave some confidence to the team that lost 2-1 in the first half.

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Despite the context, Bayern’s supremacy was so clear that there is a sense that it will all be a matter of time. The restart showed another base and square motion for Sane’s conclusion. Lewandowski received another blow at Benfica, and half an hour before play, Jorge Jesus called up some of the hosts, at a time when Bayern were also pressing. Darwin even softened the difference, but the Pole, once again, sealed the end result (5-2) and closed the party with a hat-trick.