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An emergency call rocks England

An emergency call rocks England

On February 13 this year, an elderly man was stabbed and killed by his wife in Somerset, England. Now the case has been taken to court, with the woman saying that he “successfully bled to death”.

Sky News writes.

Refuse life-saving instructions

In the courtroom this week, attendees heard a conversation between the woman and emergency services on a fateful February day.

The woman allegedly refused to follow life-saving instructions from health workers.

– I thought I stabbed him in the heart, but he doesn’t have one, she said at the time.

It was the man himself who called the emergency services, and screams were heard in the background as the woman put out her last stab.

– I killed my husband, or tried, because I had had enough, said the woman in her defence.

Prefer prison

The conversation with emergency services lasted a total of 18 minutes, during which the woman is said to have told how awful her husband was.

– She added that I end up in prison, which is better than my life now.

And he is told to the police on the same day: “I know what I did, and if I didn’t do it right, I would be really upset.”

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Friends described the couple as happy, but they had some disagreements like any other couple, according to the channel.

However, the jury was told that a dispute over TV remote control led to a police visit in December last year.

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The trial is still ongoing.