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An open letter from Pedro Rocha to Marcia Soares

An open letter from Pedro Rocha to Marcia Soares

Big Brother costar Pedro Rocha left an open letter to his girlfriend Marcia Soares.

If you thought it was Susannah Ariel who left her cards open in this Big Brother, you are dead wrong. Like Pedro Rocha Follow his path.

An open letter from Pedro Rocha

I write these words to you with a heavy heart as I see everything you face inside the Big Brother house. We’ve shared so many moments, experienced ups and downs, and every challenge you face inside also resonates with me.
Daily battles, constant stress and raw emotions do not go unnoticed. The courage you show in the face of all this is inspiring and worthy of respect.

I fondly remember the moments we shared, the deep conversations, and the smiles we shared. Your originality and strength have made you a striking presence at home and in the lives of everyone who follows you.

I know it may seem like a lonely road, but here I am, right outside those walls, cheering you on, sending you all the support and energizing you with positive thoughts. And never doubt the positive impact you have had on me and everyone who accompanies you on this journey.

May you find strength in the most challenging moments, may you continue to be true to yourself and may your radiance remain unwavering. You are an inspiration to many, and even in the most difficult times, remember your value and resilience.

Be strong, be honest. Have faith that despite all the difficulties, you are leaving an indelible mark in this unique experience.

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With all your support and love,
“Capritino” 🤞🏾