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James Lowe et les Irlandais ont créé l'exploit face à la Nouvelle-Zélande à Dublin.

An XV club is firm in its strengths, all blacks without idea without Barrett

The record for Ireland, the Irish Kiwis projected themselves, but disappointed and disappointed all blacks who did not have Barrett … Find the tops and flops of the test between Ireland and New Zealand The men in green won this Saturday in Dublin (29-20). )


Ireland is firm in its strength
8 minutes 3 seconds. This was the time Ireland spent in the opponent’s 22m. A statistic summarizes only the portion provided by the irresistible Irish, driven by the desire to create a record. Unsatisfied, Andy Farrell’s men broke the All Blacks ball into their hands. With all his heart and will, Clover XV would have managed a complete match like the one he delivered on November 2018 (16-9) against the same opponent. Giant.

“New Irish” brightness

With three New Zealanders, Ireland’s XV relied on the platform’s premise to build its success. Lowe’s first attempt, a native of Nelson (New Zealand), was started by Aki from Auckland and the proper management of the Scrum Half Gibson-Park meeting from Auckland allowed Ireland to beat the All Blacks. Also note Lowe’s most expensive defensive gesture at the end of the match (72nd), which allows O’Mahoni to scratch the skin and allow Carberry to cross the final penalty of the encounter (73rd).

Doris everywhere
We would have seen in the oven and factory facing New Zealand. The Irish legend, who was selected as the man of the match in Dublin, wrote 11 of the 22 tackles managed by the entire Irish third tier and won two turnovers. But he is also the teacher of a test, where he makes his cane speak, making him the last player to cross more meters with the ball in hand during this test (66 meters) against New Zealand. A bright performance from the third line wearing a helmet.

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All blacks were masked
Their strength for this autumn tour arrived firmly in Europe, and not all blacks expected such a welcome from the Irish. Covered by Irish songs their hokka set the tone for the evening. On the pitch, Green Anger stood alone, with Jonathan Sexton’s team showing themselves quickly and aggressively on every defensive climb. With more dedication, more desire, the Irish players overcame the opponent three times to build their victory and put the New Zealand players face down.

Rugby: In the video, a summary of Ireland’s record against all blacks

Ireland may have paid a heavy price for its lack of realism
If Ireland’s XV had won in Dublin on Saturday, he would have paid a lot for his apparent lack of realism. Unable to cross the New Zealand defensive screen in the first game, the Irish stumbled long enough to be 5 meters away from the in-goal, prioritizing touching points and not realizing their full dominance. In the presence of (5-10) 5 points during the break, the men in green finally fixed the problem of their realism to build their success in the second act.

Without Barrett, blacks with no idea
This may be one of the turning points of the evening. Touched after a tackle on the convoy, Futon Barrett made his way to Mo’unga (22nd) from the start. The New Zealand playing master had no time to influence the meeting for the opening half (54-16) as he celebrated his 100th Test victory over Wales. His absence was greatly detrimental to all blacks, the absence of criteria but particular ideas, could not change the fate of the crowd to be defeated by Ireland. He could also miss next week’s meeting against France XV.

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