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Ana Marquez reacts after Marco Paulo was silenced live.  "And now the record is changing" - TV

Ana Marquez reacts after Marco Paulo was silenced live. “And now the record is changing” – TV

Marco Paulo is under fire on social media after he fell silent Anna Marquez Fully. A moment that occurred in the release Hello Marco Paolo Last Saturday, June 12, the presenter, who leads the SIC format with the singer, has already interacted.

“And now the registration has been changed because…today at 8pm at SIC Caras I can actually get in…”, wrote the face of the station in Paço de Arcos, in a very discreet manner, referring to his program “Can I Enter?”

All because Ana Marques appealed to viewers to participate directly in the program. “Marco Paolo even gives his number, which is unprecedented,” the caller said. But the figure’s face didn’t seem to like the moment when Anna Marquez spoke, brought her hands to her face and shot: “Hey Anna, you can shut up for a bit, look at these pictures”.

Marco Paulo

Credits: SIC clone

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Credits: SIC clone

The presenter of “Alô Marco Paulo” and the usual face of SIC Caras was not waiting for the singer to shut up for her. He said: “Silence.” But Marco Paolo ended up going further in his speech: “Oh Anna, the program is mine and not yours.”

At that moment, Ana Marquez seriously stated that the program was written by Marco Paulo and that she had every right to speak whenever she wanted. “The program is yours without a doubt.”, confirmed the presenter, who has been one of the faces of the Paço de Arcos station since 1994.

On social networks, fans took the opportunity to leave some messages in support of the caller. “Congratulations, it’s the salvation of Marco Paolo’s show”, “He’s great on the show” or “Professional and humble, what makes the difference” are just a few comments left in a post by Ana Marquez.

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