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Ana Mora was criticized for the look she wore at the last party: "I thought it was in poor taste."

Ana Mora was criticized for the look she wore at the last party: “I thought it was in poor taste.”

Georgina Rodriguez She wasn’t the only celebrity to be devastated on social media End of this week , I’m Maura He was also the target of harsh criticism for the same reason: a look Selection.

The Fado singer shared several photos from her last concert: “The doors opened and people danced in Casa Guilhermina”he wrote in the caption of the post.

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Some netizens were not happy with the 43-year-old artist’s choice of outfit. “I’m from another time, and I loved listening to Ana Mora’s fado, not now, when there’s nothing about fado, is it flamenco?! The clothes? Good for a ballerina in a magazine, or for a trapeze artist, that’s fine, I thought it was in bad taste, It would be nice if we were at the carnival.”said one follower.

“I’m honest: I didn’t like the outfit. Ana Mora has her voice more than talented enough to dress like that. I love the lack of respect for creativity, but in this case, it’s negatively distracting.”another male.

“I really like Ana Mora because of the clothes or the lack thereof, I didn’t like it at all! A singer with a successful career doesn’t need to reveal herself… It’s tacky”A third pointed out.

Unhappy choice in clothes! Bad taste! No class! It is not at all compatible with the female empowerment that is being talked about so much today. It would be a very appropriate costume for circus performers, a trapeze artist for example (with all due respect to circus performers). And now guilty virgins may come and criticize me, for as a free and public woman I express the opinion I want.”another highlighted.

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But there were those who praised Ana Mora. “So beautiful,” “What a beautiful woman,” “So dazzling! Goddess of Olympus!” And the “Anna can! Because it has quality, because it sings, because it has art! Whether you are dressed or “naked” is inconsequential. I see and hear art. I don’t care if she’s singing in a shawl on her back or a jumpsuit and hammock. It is not for the one who wants it, it is for the one who can! And Ana Mora can do it! “are some comments.

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