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Ana Obregón is both a grandmother (and “adoptive”) mom and is sharing new photos of the baby

Ana Obregón is both a grandmother (and “adoptive”) mom and is sharing new photos of the baby

Anna Obregon He lived a period in which he was under many lights, and under greatness controversywith birth detection Anathe granddaughter of the Spanish broadcaster, and the daughter of her late son, less. Child Procreation took place by way of surrogacy, and through the frozen sperm of a young manwho died at the age of 27.

However, the public figure has been shown to have ignored the heavy criticism leveled at her, always trying to show her happiness at the arrival of her granddaughter, although, as she had already assumed, she plays the role of an “adopted” mother. towards her. Child.

Recently, Ana Obregón was back on the cover of the well-known magazine Firstly!, upon her return to Spain for a holiday with her granddaughter. In view of this, the actress also showed new photos of Anna.

Anna Obregón book with her son: “Remember the sample. I want to have children, even if I’m no longer here.”

Already on her Instagram account, highlighting the cover of the magazine, Ana Obregon wrote: “Who would tell me who would have stolen my traditional summer robe? [na revista] Will this doll be named Anita [diminutivo] Lequio Obregón, whose father was a hero like all those who fight cancer or other diseaseshe began to say.

A hero who left us at the age of twenty-seven, with all those who stayed here sank into the deepest darkness, all those who loved him. But God gave me back my life!The presenter finished.

Check out the image below:

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