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Analysis Eintracht-Augsburg: Clippers are urgently needed |  please.  de

Analysis Eintracht-Augsburg: Clippers are urgently needed | please. de

Against Oxburg, Eintracht Frankfurt stood on defense, but the ball did not reach the goal. Five point analysis.

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For video Press conference after the Indratch game against Oxburg

Oliver Glasner

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Eintracht Frankfurt scored the first point of the new Bundesliga season in a 0-0 draw against FC Oxburg on Saturday afternoon. The Frankfurters welcomed 22,000 fans in their home arena.

1. 22,000 fans return to the stage

Before the start the best news came from Eintrach: the fans came back and created a good atmosphere in the home arena. There were 22,000, and the Frankfurt were allowed to sell 25,000 tickets. Surprisingly, the game could not be declared “sold out”. “With the fans behind us, we’ll win again soon,” said midfielder Jibril Chow, who has already identified supporters as a decisive factor for future missions.

Against Oxburg, 22,000 people tried their best when Ajit Hrustik fought Reese Oxford in the 31st minute. However, referee Harm Asmers was not impressed and denied the penalty, which fell too easily for Frankfurt.

2. Glasner then relies on four

Three or four later, it’s a question before the game. At the Cup in Mannheim and at the start of the Bundesliga in Dortmund, Indratch coach Oliver Glasner initially bet 3-4-3, but it was not particularly consistent. The game against Oxburg was fourth: Evan N. Dicka and Martin Hindrecker inside, Christopher Lens and Eric Derm outside.

“We were more determined with four back then than we were in the previous two games,” said Zhou, who played in midfield in front of that chain and was one of the best players on the field. Each time the lens and term tried with front trips, Saw and Hrustick occasionally dropped themselves, picked up the balls and distributed them. “We wanted to launch more offensive today, which is why we picked four more. Philip Ghost had the freedom he needed, we wanted to bring his attack quality to the best of our ability, and at the same time be defensive,” Glasner explained. His computer results after the game.

3. Defensive is best again

After conceding five goals in Dortmund, this time the defense was much better. Hinderecker and N’Dica removed some dangerous balls sent by Oxburg into the Frankfurt penalty area in the center. The attacking attempts of the guests were so frightening that even the painful loss of the midfield champion and captain Sebastian Rod had no effect.

“It’s not very offensive,” FCA coach Marcus Ventier had to admit. “Of course, moving forward is very bold.” The Axburgers had a huge chance due to a lack of concentration on eyeratch keeper Kevin Trap, who was unable to use his failed game by Carlos Crusoe in the 59th minute with a lift over the gate.

4. A true center is not forward

Despite all the superiority: Eintracht Frankfurt simply missed a clipper. Newcomers Rafael Bore, Jasper Lindstrom and Jens Better Hawk tried their best but the ball could not reach the goal. Hawke missed the biggest chance when he was beaten by Rafael Kikiwicz in the Oxburg goal just before half-time. One scene in the 66th minute was particularly symbolic: neither Bore (head) nor Lindstrom (foot) could push a sharp cross from Philippe Costic over the line – as Andre Silva did in the rows last season.

“Last punch and no luck. If we get a 1-0 lead, if we have this great environment in our stadium we will win the game,” Lens analyzed. Looking at Bore, who has been called center forward, Glasner added: “The goal is missing. We need to be chalked up. But it’s coming. Raphael did a good job.” Yet this game showed one thing above all else: Indracht still urgently needed to get to the center of the storm.

5. Extraordinary results

A 0-0 with the participation of Eintracht Frankfurt? That did not happen in 34 Bundesliga games last season. The unfamiliar result caused mixed feelings for the actors. “The glass is half empty. When we put in a lot of effort and consistently don’t play enough, it’s frustrating,” Chow said. His coach was a little happy: “It’s important to us and we’re very satisfied. It’s clear that we have 21: 4 shots and above 60 percent.”

Draw Frankfurt brought the first point of the still young Bundesliga season. The team can work on Armenia Peelfeld next Saturday (3:30 pm) on the next goals and points.

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