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Ancelotti: I liked the results more than the first half

[Chiringuito] What made Real Madrid fall so badly in the second half?
We played with a great team that showed great intensity, never failed, and had two days more rest than us. The first half was good and the last minutes would have been the same if the score had not increased in the second half. It is true that we missed more passes in the second half than we did in the first half. We suffered 15-20 minutes, but that was also part of the team. A team can play football and suffer from not being able to play the football they want. Sometimes when teams are unable to do what they want, they give up. Real Madrid is not like that. The team of these players is very strong and has a very high level of commitment at this time. Seven wins in a row is not luck. We succeed because sometimes when we can’t take advantage of our standards we have other advantages. I am very happy. I will say more: I liked Endcom more than the first half. Because the first half was really like a game show, but you missed the punch. Not wanting to create an opportunity for something. We played better, but something was not. That too was missing at the tip, but the quality at the tip was low. However, there is no shortage of commitment. We fought.

[Onda Cero] You talk about commitment, talent, quality, suffering, but not about fatigue. It’s not about the team, but don’t you think certain players start to get tired? Do you want to change things like Motricia or Cruza faster and faster? Also Benzema and Casemiro. Feeling tired of the syndrome?
The team ended up exhausted. She was finally tired and it was normal. When you play with a new band, it’s natural to pay a little money for it in the end because they’re more relaxed than you. Players who are tired should do this rating before the next game to see if they can play. For 5 shifts I put quality players for 60 minutes and you might think I play with more energy for the remaining 30 minutes.

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[COPE] Won’t you suffer less? During the season, you had some competition at the meeting point, and in the end an action would ruin your whole effort.
When you lead only with the goal, you always have to struggle in the final game. Not the 1-0 game you hate. You have to suffer. If you do not raise your score to 2-0 or 3-0, you will have to struggle until the end, because anything can happen in football: a fixed piece, a long ball, a personal defensive error … 0 out of 1, anything can happen.

[SER] The results are excellent and the team is showing good football. Are you satisfied with everything the team shows? Something did not work? Looking for fixes for matches against Sociedad, Inter and Atlético?
Of course I have to think about this, the three games are close to us and we have no time to relax. All of this I have to evaluate well and make decisions. Also, this series is great, and I’m very happy with everything: playing, not playing, playing 5 minutes, not playing at all. We go further. The atmosphere of the band is so good, I love it.

[Radio Nacional] The athletics coach, who lost their first game, commented that his team had never had so many chances at the Santiago Bernabeu and that they were never so deserving of victory. Do you agree? Does an athlete deserve success?
It is true that he had the opportunity. They played better especially in the second half, but only played Real Madrid in the first 30 minutes, so … I think you have to believe the result.

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[AS] Cordois became the star of the game again. Do you worry that the goalkeeper is the best player on the team? [śmiech Carlo] Does it further surprise you that after such a performance, he was not nominated for personal awards?
Cordois does unique things, but it does not bother me. We must advance defensively. In both of these games we were plagued by set pieces. We have to do well. In the first 15 games we did not concede a single goal from a set piece. We have Cordois, however we are enjoying it.

[MARCA] You have led the lives of some of the best goalkeepers in the world. Were any of them on par with Cordois today?
[uśmiech] It’s hard to say because it’s true that I am lucky enough to lead the best goalkeepers. Here I am in the lives of Iker and Diego López, and Buffon, Čech, Neuer … This is a huge list. There is no doubt that Dipat is the best. He is the best for us now.