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And after five weeks the diesel will go down

And after five weeks the diesel will go down

It’s a relief by a few cents after more than a month of consecutive hikes: Next Monday the price of diesel should drop. Gasoline, which was also under less pressure

liter price Diesel is expected to fall by about three cents next Monday. already give it The price of gasoline is expected to fall by about 2.5 cents.

This development, if confirmed, interrupts the cycle of five consecutive days of increase in the price of diesel. This Wednesday, and The average price of a simple diesel was 2.1 euros per liter in mainland Portugal, which is 44 cents more than on the eve of the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Already The cost of a private diesel averages 2125 euros per liter.

Contrary to what is expected for diesel, the estimated drop in gasoline will be the third in a row, having already occurred in the past two days. This Wednesday, l The cost of simple gasoline is 2112 euros per liter, which is 29.6 cents more per liter than it was on the eve of the outbreak of the war. Already 95 special gasoline price 2127 euros per liter. The 98 petrol costs 2258 euros per liter and 98 special gasoline worth 2272 euros per liter.

A decrease of three cents for diesel and 2.5 cents for gasoline resulted from estimates available four days before the start of the week, depending on the evolution of international prices for petroleum products. They are also estimates because not only is the price free, so it is determined by gas stations, but also varies across the country and throughout the day, even if the main changes in Portugal traditionally occur on Mondays.

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In recent days, the global price of oil has fallen again, reaching $108 a barrel (in the Brent index) this Thursday at the end of the morning.