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"And Nancy, where are they?"  ⁇

“And Nancy, where are they?” ⁇

Didier Deschamps complied with traditional media obligations before being forced to leave the French team meeting in a hurry because his father Pierre unfortunately went missing.

Quoting Didier Deschamps in the ASNL section today, Blues’ coach spoke about the Nancy Club during an interview with beIN Sports last week.

The dual world champion, a 1998 player and a 2018 coach, when asked about “data” put a small block on ASNL’s sporting policy, these figures are becoming more and more important in modern football. This popular data, branded by ASNL’s new owners, led to a recruitment campaign that turned out to be a failure last summer.

Didier Deschamps on the microphone: “Today, we highlight that Toulouse has moved up to L1 regarding its data selection. Coach Philip Montanier, thanks for that? No thanks to the players? Do we put a joystick and make them move? But you take another club that did the same thing, Nancy, where are they? Aren’t these the same dates? Or are they not the same people behind the computer? Today, the data is fine. It takes up a lot of space. I use it, but I only take a few lines. Do not forget that this is not an electronic game. Victory is about the brilliance of the players, at the highest level. ”

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