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And the rooster still does not crow ::

And the rooster still does not crow ::

In the final confrontation of the 13th round of the Portuguese League, Pitklic, Gil Vicente and Moreirense were unable to obtain the three points, with a 1-1 draw, in a match that did not witness many chances, but in which hesitation remained until the end. . .

In a game in which Rui Borges’ men were up for most of the game, it was only from a penalty kick that full clarity came to the interpreters. Moreirense once again proved that they are one of the dangerous cases in this league, while Barcelona looked somewhat uninspiring compared to what they have already shown this season.

Open with a view to face Super Morera

At polar opposites – Gil had not won in five league games, Moreirense unbeaten in seven – and it did not take long for the first goal to arrive. Tidjani Toure, new to the Cambellos XI, appeared in space on the left and ended up being brought down by Fabiano.

The move was reviewed by VAR with a fine comb and the eyes of Helder Malheiro, who indicated the maximum penalty. During the conversion, Pedro Taiba did not flinch, although Kewen still reached the ball with the tip of his gloves.

In the following minutes, Moreirense developed, taking advantage of a midfield that had seen days of great dynamics, and imposed difficulties on the hosts, who were somewhat doubtful of themselves in several movements on the back line. Gonzalo Franco and Ofori provided security in the building, and Andre Luis delivered the first warning with a header that Andrew connected.

Minutes later, Gabriel Pereira left the ball at the mercy of Franco who, with space, was unable to perfectly locate Alanzinho’s ‘death’ pass. Once the most delicate phase was over, Gil stabilized his game and kept Moreirense out of Andrew’s goal, leaving the game a little sluggish.

Until the end of the first half, Fujimoto once again scared Keoin with a real penalty kick in a very inappropriate move, and in response, Alanzinho scored the equalizer centimeters away, after a beautiful curling shot. In stoppage time, Ruben Fernandes’ header clear of the crossbar sealed Gil’s growth in the final stretch of the stage.

Canon Chess is here to stay!

Upon their return, the defenders once again showed the intensity shown in certain periods of the initial phase in a more consistent manner and the Barcelona team passed the most sensitive phase of the entire match.

The ability to win the first and second balls was impressive for the away side and as a result it remained a draw. Madson was forgotten at the far post, and was responsible for the two most glaring losses, leaving Gelista impatient with the team.

Since the team was going through great difficulties, Vitor Campillos released Murillo, Maxim Dominguez and Baturina in one go and the improvements were noticeable almost immediately. However, Moreirense’s side ended up matching their previous success, reaching a draw after a penalty kick by Andre Luis.

Until the final whistle blew, the game was underway, Maxime Rodriguez missed the 2-1 winner, and the final attacking flashes from Gelistas had the crowd believing that victory would be achieved in Barcelos. The rooster did not crow for more than two months.

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