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Andorra - Poland.  The match against Andorra was evaluated by Cesare Culesa.  Key words spoken |  L.  World Cup

Andorra – Poland. The match against Andorra was evaluated by Cesare Culesa. Key words spoken | L. World Cup

  • Poland’s victory over Andorra (4: 1) and Albania’s simultaneous defeat to England (0: 5) promoted Pialo-Cervoni to the play-offs. World Cup 2022
  • The last chord of the group stage is ahead of Palo Sosa’s team – PGE clash with Hungary in Narodov
  • In the context of Monday’s meeting, Cesari Kulesa spoke about an important issue at Onet Sport
  • The president of the Polish Football Association summed up the match with Andorra and mentioned the introduction of Matty Cash.
  • More important information can be found on the Onet homepage

What do you enjoy most about this meeting?

It was a quiet planned success. After such a competition, it is difficult to find any great results or special praise. We have done our job, avoiding injuries or unnecessary nerves, and adding three important points. We will definitely play in the play-offs for World Cup promotion, and that was our minimum plan in this qualifying round. We want more because we are hungry for success and we know that employees have the ability to reach their goals. We can’t stop now. We know whether the first opponent in the game against Hungary will be playing on home soil or playing abroad. We know the National Stadium is our biggest asset, so on Monday we have to put an end to the “I”.

Who deserves special mention?

As I said before, after a match with this type of opponent, it is difficult to give vague judgments. Andorra were in the lower ranks than us, and they played weakly throughout the match, so I will not offer any special distinctions. Robert Lewandowski’s next two goals are certainly hilarious because, regardless of the competitor’s class, he is in excellent form and leads the team in every game. Arcadius Milick scored an important goal for the national team after a long break, so it needs reference and congratulations.

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Not all of our football players played in the game against Hungary. If they receive a yellow card on Monday, Michael Helic, Arkady Milik, Bardos Peresinsky, Carol Svitersky, Kamil Klick and Damien Simanski will not play in the semifinals of the play-offs. This may be the only downside after the game in Andorra.

We are professionals and we know the rules that apply. Everyone is well aware of how many yellow cards are paused after, so I think it will not occupy our head. We have a strong team, so if any one player can’t play, they will be replaced. In the sense of the coach and broad staff he has created for himself, I trust our team.

I can not help but ask about his impressions after the introduction of Mattie Cash. How do you rate this half hour in its performance?

I support him very much and I am glad he made his debut on the national team because I was involved in helping him meet all the formal requirements quickly and have to admit that he could be called up to the team. The match against Andorra was very specific and it certainly had great emotions, so I will not focus on a comprehensive evaluation of his 30 minute performance. Looking forward to the next Matte games. I hope the team with him will be even stronger.

His family is coming to the game against Hungary. Is there any special program planned for them?

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A team of eight led by Matty’s parents arrives in Warsaw. The Monday before the game, they will arrive in Warsaw. We warmly welcome everyone to Poland.

From Andorra – Darius Tobek