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André Guazziero is the state’s new Secretary for Science, Technology and Innovation – Journal da Chapada

André Pinho Guazziero is the new Secretary for Science, Technology and Innovation in Bahia. The appointment was published in Issue 20 of the Official Gazette (DOE) on Wednesday. He has replaced Mara Souza, who was working as a secretary, and has accumulated the role of Chief of Staff, since Adelia Pinheiro left for the Department of Health (Sesab).

The Department of Science, Technology and Innovation is a cross-sectional section of the various departments, always striving to work together on programs, projects and actions of interest to the population. Secti owns the Technology Park, the state’s main innovation environment, as well as the Bahia Research Support Foundation (Fapesb), which plays a leading role in implementing the state’s policy on science, technology and innovation.

Currently, among the portfolio’s main programs are Conecta Bahia, which brings free Wi-Fi to public squares in cities at home, and Bahia Competitiva, which is investing R$80 million in public notices that will benefit areas such as health, education, family farming, economic development and innovation. Other important actions include Inova Cidade, which is responsible for promoting innovation in municipalities, and Programaê, which offers 30,000 free places on courses in the areas of technology and entrepreneurship.

Secretary profile
With a degree in Architecture and Urbanism from the Federal University of Bahia (UFBA) and a Master’s degree in Urban and Regional Planning from the Federal University of Rio de Janeiro (UFRJ), the Secretary of Secti has experience in the academic field, having worked as an official Postgraduate Professor – Graduated from the Catholic University in Salvador (UCSAL) and Planning Coordinator of the Bahia Technopark Project at the CERTI Foundation.

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In the public service, he worked for Secti itself, as a researcher, and former Minister of Industry, Trade and Mining (currently SDE), where he held the positions of Chief of Staff, Supervisor and Special Adviser. With advisory information.